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Nancy a retired lawyer, was billed $6K+ for an MRI, so her insurance out-of-pocket cost was still $1,100. But did you know that the hospital end up accepting her payment of just $600 when she paid in cash? 

She benefited from the change in rules introduced by Affordable Care Act to protect uninsured patients. Before, the uninsured patients would pay the full sticker cost of $6,221 which has lead to many bankruptcies. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, tax-exempt hospitals can’t charge financially strapped patients much more than what Medicare pays. Fortunately it is also available to you, just like to Nancy, if you follow the right process.

With our extensive experience in healthcare billings negotiations, we extend this benefit to you, so you can pay almost the same prices as Medicare gets and pay even less than your out-of-pocket cost.

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Patients have already saved $9,353,403
This was such a great service, so helpful and it helped my family save so much money. Vlad took care of all of the details and set up an appointment. It worked out so smoothly. I would highly recommend this service. I feel so grateful to have come across it.
Lilian M, San Francisco, US
I was a bit skeptical beacuse the price was to low but I did the scan and was pleasantly surprised. the facility was clean and nice. I had the scan within 24hrs and was an excellent scan. I strongly recommend AffordableScan to everyone. It's truly affordable.
Falez Ennabe, Long Beach, US
Very professional and efficient. Also helped me save a lot of money. If you don’t want to waiting long long time, definitely go here.
Assia Qinhang Shao, Oakland US
Superb service! Vlad was super helpful and help me schedule appointment in just 5 minutes. I paid just $275 and saved myself a $1,000 for the deductible.

John, Orange County, US
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See how much you can save:

Affordable Care Act has changed the game

Hear what others think!

CT scan with contrast: $300 vs. $3,995 (Shriners Hospital for Children, TX)
CT scan without contrast: $220 vs. $2,201 
(Shiners Hospital for Children, TX)
X-ray: $43 vs. $529
(Marin Hospital, CA: $529)
MRI scan without contrast:
$250 vs. $6,221 (MT Zion Hospital, CA)
Ultrasound: $120 vs. $1,400 (Northeast Medical Services, CA)
AffordableScan places patients across these locations

Save 80% on your next scan:

Why it works?

We fill-up the 50% of empty slots for MRIs/CTs and pass 80% discounts to you

Imaging centers invest $150K to $7M per MRI machine. When a patient cancels appointment imaging centers loose money on this. Instead they sell us these unused appointments at an 80% discount, which we pass directly to you.

Get a scan for 80% off

How it works?

1 Get a quote in 5 minutes

Tell us your needs & our concierge offers you 3 centers with the best price & quality fit. Choose one & we book your next-day appointment. 


2. Complete the imaging scan

3. Get your results in 24h

Visit the clinic same day, pay in cash & get the scan with a CD. No more surprising bills in mail.

You & your physician will shortly receive an email/fax with the radiologist report.

Why it works? (Long story)




Get a quote via text from our concierge for MRI facilities with the best price & quality fit.

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